Would you send a child of yours to CH?

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Would you send a child of yours to CH?

Of course
Only now it's changed
Only if it was the same as when I was there
No way
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Post by Lamma looker » Sat Mar 05, 2005 12:27 pm

Hendrik, you make me laugh, each generation thinks they know more about something (usually sex) than the previous one, in your case it is politics. We had an informed debate about the 6 day war and Vietnam was also pretty high on the agenda. We also all walked about with flowers in our hair (1966) and we had a gardener who smoked pot who gave it to more than one of my contemporaries.
Englishangel, of course each generation knows more than the previous ones and it would be sad if it were not so. For one thing, it would be a condemnation of the earlier generation that they had failed to pass on their knowledge and experience and humankind would regress or at best stay static. Your generation discussed the 6-day war and Vietnam, but my generation didn't discuss the Berlin Airlift or the Korean War.

My children certainly knew more about life in general as teenagers than I did at the same age and likewise with academic subjects. I sincerely hope that my grandchildren will know more than their parents.

Yes, there is the old cliche that teenagers always think that their parents know nothing and only later come to realise that it wasn't true - that's part of growing up - but it is only because the parents have had the benefit of lots of years of life experience. I'm sure that if like was compared with like, ie the kids knew their parents when the paents were teenagers, the cliche would be true.

As for the new generations knowing more about sex, thank heavens. Both my grandmothers were pregnant when they got married (shotgun time I guess) and I suspect that was because of a lack of knowledge. Actually, my daughter had two children before she married but that was not through lack of knowledge but changed societal values.

In short, Hendrik is right.
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Post by englishangel » Sat Mar 05, 2005 4:19 pm

The 2 children before marriage is certainly a society thing, but only yesterday I was having a discussion with 3 contemporaries (we are midwives) and it appears that some teenagers today still think you cannot get pregnant if you have sex standing up or the first time, or you can get pregnant by French kissing etc. My own children (19 and 19) have full knowledge of these things but what an indictment of my generation that they all don't. I am sure that everyone on this forum knows all this 'cos we were 'educated' at CH

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Post by DavebytheSea » Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:30 pm

Surely you are mistaken! I've always believed that one, certainly I myself have never got pregnant this way- but then I have had little chance of putting it to the test. Standing up strikes me as somewhat inconvenient and uncomfortable given the required actions - moreover being rather tall there could, in my case, be some absence of adequate coition.

No I do not think I could get pregnant this way - but then I am male and aged 66.

PS What is "French Kissing"? Is it any way proximate to "French Knickers"?
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Post by FrogBoxed » Wed Mar 09, 2005 3:34 pm

DavebytheSea wrote:No I do not think I could get pregnant this way - but then I am male and aged 66.
ROFL - brilliant! :lol:
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