Keith Douglas

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Keith Douglas

Post by postwarblue » Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:28 pm

Mildly surprised that nobody has beaten me to this, but there was an hour on Keith Douglas on BBC4 last night

( ... h_Douglas/)

and although there were two brief glimpse of him in a bluecoat and the assertion that he started writing serious poetry at 15, there was no discusison of his time at CH. I mean that comment not chauvinistically but it could be asserted that being at CH was a somewhat character-forming experience, particularly in pre-war days.

Prematurely abandoning Merton College, Oxford, where he was under Edmund Blunden (the programme does not explore the CH link), Douglas was commissioned into the Sherwood Rangers. Their war, and thus his, is amusingly chronicled in 'It Is Bliss Here' by Myles Hildyard. There are only two mentions of Douglas himself in the book though, probably because he was something of an outsider in the pre-war Yeomanry officer huntin' crowd.

Anyway there is the i-player link, I suppose you have 5 days or so to catch up with it.
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