Housey parodies of pop songs, etc

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Re: Housey parodies of pop songs, etc

Post by michael scuffil » Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:33 pm

Kit Bartlett wrote:There were only 6 Houses at CH with married accommodation out of 16 for many years although since remedied with additional
building. This presumably affected the restriction of appointment mainly to bachelors. Was this deliberate policy ?
I think it was not so much policy, as a reflection of how things were. It was simply assumed that most masters (and hence housemasters) would be bachelors, just as (for example) college accommodation at Oxford and Cambridge was for bachelor fellows only. The staff houses in East and West Gun Copse Roads (built c. 1960) were the first additions, I believe.
I remember either a valedictory or obituary notice for WA Armistead in which the writer said that he gave up his housemastership (of MaA, I think) on his marriage 'as was customary at the time' (mid 40s?).
Th.B. 27 1955-63

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