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Anyone know an Old Blue with Social Media experience?

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:02 pm
by jtaylor
The CHOBA Board has had a good response to some other vacancies to support CH by volunteering, but are still struggling to find someone with specific Social Media skills, details as below.
If you know any Old Blues who might fit this role, and could be persuaded to commit a little to help, this could be a really rewarding opportunity - whilst it's primarily for CHOBA, there's potential it could effectively help CH directly too with future joint working:-
"The CHOBA Board is committed to increasing its profile and visibility amongst CHOBA members, ensuring that its role is understood, and improving two-way communications between CH and the Old Blue community. We have resolved to develop a more effective communications strategy, to ensure we make the best possible use of IT and social media to communicate proactively and capture feedback. We are now seeking to recruit to the Board an Old Blue with the relevant skills to assist us in this work, and in future joint working with CH.
This role requires proven skills and experience in developing and implementing IT and social media strategies – someone who not just understands the technology, but also understands how to incorporate it into a wider communications strategy.
Full members of the CHOBA Board serve for a period of up to three years initially, extendable for up to a further three years maximum. You will be serving alongside nine other members, covering a broad range of ages and skills/portfolios. We meet twice a year at CH, and hold bi-monthly telephone conference calls between our face-to-face meetings. Co-opted members serve for one year, again extendable by up to a maximum of two years.
CONTACT Margaret via the CHOBA Website or email directly at if you anyone you can recommend, or to volunteer yourself?