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Re: Cod Liver Oil and Malt

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:23 pm
by Katharine
gneuss wrote:Somehow, I can’t remember how now, I became friends with Wendy Lee from Hertford when I was in GE. We saw the Beatles together in Fairfield Hall in Croydon in 1963 before they were really famous. We used to party together with other girls from Hertford. Linda Smith and Doreen Buvyer spring to mind. Once we got a record request played on Radio Luxembourg (remember Keynsham spelt K E Y N S H A M?) on 208 on the medium wave and the disc jockey said he hoped they got well soon as we had included which wards they were in.
I was in the same House and year group as Wendy, Linda and Doreen, and heard all about that trip to see the Beatles! Unlike them I didn't live in SE London, so wasn't included. It was our O level year, and after the exams they spent hours writing to the Fab Four on a roll of lining paper. I seem to remember they compared them to Barnes Wallis as being 'Good eggs' Eventually this letter was sent off - and a reply came which showed somebody had read the letter as they liked the comparison to Barnes Wallis. What would that be with now?

I'm surprised at the reference to Wards, I thought we had changed to Houses by then.