security business (primarily door supervisors)

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security business (primarily door supervisors)

Post by hannah » Wed Nov 29, 2006 1:32 pm

I have just set up a new business supplying licenced security staff for venues in and around london. If any one knows any contacts who are looking for a trustworthy security supplier or is looking themselves I would be grateful of help to be able to expand our client base. Alternatively if you hold a valid sia licence and are looking for work we currently have job vacancies. Just send me a message or go to Thanks. Hannah Brown (Barnes A 98-05).

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Post by englishangel » Wed Nov 29, 2006 1:53 pm

:offtopic: already, sorry.

I was reading an article the other day about a bloke who supplies venues with paramedics to save people (mostly girls I'm afraid) from themselves.

It cuts down on the 999 calls.

He has even stopped really drunk girls leaving venues with blokes they clearly don't know.
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Post by Great Plum » Fri Dec 01, 2006 3:26 pm

Good luck with your venture Hannah! :-)
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Post by eloisec » Mon Dec 04, 2006 10:56 am

Good luck with the business. I do hope you're using Sobek in the way the people of Egypt worshiped him to gain his protection and strength, and not reviling him and killing the crocodiles of the area because of the evil that they could do :? :wink:
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Post by hannah » Mon Dec 04, 2006 6:05 pm

Well...there is competition to get rid of, but really choose the name for the bit about protection and strength. :D trying to offer something a bit more professional than some of the thugs you see on the doors in london.

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Post by hannah » Sat Jan 13, 2007 1:27 am

Also now offering static guarding for offices, other buildings, shops and really anywhere needing security guards. All first aid trained and security industry qualified.

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Post by hannah » Wed Sep 12, 2007 4:52 pm

We can also now offer highly skilled close protection officers for high risk or low level VIP work and security cleared chauffeurs for collection of VIPs. Staff details are available on request due to the personal nature of this work.

Also if you are looking for professional and polite security/hosts for corporate parties we can offer a considerable discount over our competitors for old blues.

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Post by cj » Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:04 pm

Looks like you're going great guns with your business (if you'll excuse the slightly inappropriate expression!). I'm very impressed.
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Post by ben ashton » Thu Sep 13, 2007 11:23 am

If you ever branch out into Leicester give me a shout :P
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