Things you brought with you from home.

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Re: Things you brought with you from home.

Post by Jude » Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:09 pm

I took my teddy bear (who was thrown out the window on my 1st night and got stuck in the tree next to 5's, and it rained and I tried to go and get him but I got into terrible trouble as I was caught out of bed, downstairs, trying to "escape" and horror of horror's in TEARS!... that started my life of unimaginable pain at CH..

I took writing equipment (including stamps); wasn't allowed books, or ornaments or a family picture, home clothes (see other thread for details on THEM ghastly things)

I was given £5 a year - so that was £2.50 per term - which had to purchase anything and everything - we were allowed to buy fresh fruit on a Wednesday (well it was bought for us - we wrote down what we wanted), I always had a jar of home made jam - which rather the reverse of being woderful went into 2nd stage fermentation within seconds of being placed in the locker! My tuck was SO rationed by the parents it is no wonder I suffer today from "chocolate and biscuit" deprivation....

Once I was put onto the train by my father, I would wait until we were past Worthing, nip into the loo and change into home clothes (they were better than uniform believe me!), then once I had got to Victoria I would wonder around there for a bit, then decide if I was going to put my suitcase and raquets/sticks etc into storage in Victoria Station or go on to Liverpool Street, mostly I think it was Liverpool Street Station, I then would go to Trafalger Square to the Art Museum, and pick up FREE postcards, which made fantastic birthday cards! Eventually I would get onto the last possible train for Hertford East and go in through the big green gates...

Money was always sent as a cheque or if it was given to me I don't remember... it was recorded into the book that Mrs Cooke kept, and we had to sign when we took money out.

By the time I was in my 2nd year the Bay City Rollers were the height of popularity, and there were posters on the walls of 3rd years of them - I remember one girl jumping on her bed every night to say goodnight to each of the band and kissing them!!
I had posters, but no wall to put them on until I got into a cubie... mine were often wrapping paper which was a poster in one.. strange how I can still see the alphabet one with brown paper on the back if I close my eyes - I took it to the Nurses home when I did my training!! So it survived well!!
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