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Re: weekends

Post by Vonny » Thu Apr 17, 2008 8:30 pm

Wuppertal wrote:We kind of did that too on our last morning!
Yes but this was Hertford - far more stuffy than Horsham was :lol:
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Re: weekends

Post by Jude » Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:13 pm

Wuppertal wrote:On two Sunday mornings every term, we got an in-house breakfast, which was a bit of a treat and consisted of pains-au-chocolats and proper coffee and hot chocolate (not just the stuff that came out of the machines in the dining hall) and some eggs, beans, bacon etc. It was always a really nice treat but sometimes it was spoiled a bit by the ever-present idiots who were too self-centered or immature to realise that it was everyone's to share and that they were not entitled to twice as much as anyone else just because they were taller or older.
OMG!! What luxury you had!! pain-au-chocolat?!!! I don't think I had one until I was married! AT SCHOOL? FOR BREAKFAST??? You were SO SPOILT!! Hot chocolate??? Proper Coffee?? Crickey! We bought our own coffee once we were senior enough to be allowed in the kitchen, the closest to hot chocolate would have been a hot day and a bar of chocolate!! PLus the eggs, bacon and beans etc.. there's an excetera??? We thought we were really lucky when we got our hard boiled eggs once a term!!! And for a year they tried out very liquid yoghurt on every other Saturday..it was vile but it was such a luxury that we drank it ASAP! I don't think we EVER had a full English Breakfast like you are mentioning - it sounds as if you lot in Horsham were really well looked after in the food department - there must be a thread about the food at Hertford so I won't go into it now - but I never had that kind of meal on a weekend EVER!! I am totally gobsmacked!! WOW!!! :shock: :? :roll: :| :tonqe: :( :( :(
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Re: weekends

Post by EvilAkela » Thu May 29, 2008 10:12 pm

What I found strange was that we were meant to behave like young ladies, but our home clothes, certainly whilst I was a junior, was trousers, you had to be a senior to wear a skirt! I think it changed at about the time I was a senior. I think you were allowed to bring a skirt specially to wear for the St Matthew's Day party, but then were not allowed to wear it again.
And those lovely junior walks in a crocodile with Wizzo. I think in the fourth year we were allowed out in a group of 4, and we often went to visit our Ranger Leader who lived in the town. I know I was allowed to go and visit her in hospital when she had her baby.
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