Do any of you.............

Share your memories and stories from your days at school, and find out the truth behind the rumours....Remember the teachers and pupils, tell us who you remember and why...

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Do any of you.............

Post by J.R. » Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:50 am

.............older posters remember a certain maths teacher ?

I had a very clear dream last night in which a particular face clearly appeared. On awakening, I wracked my brains and came up with the name BULLEN (I think ?)

He was midle aged to old, very short and almost bald with a somewhat cherubic face.

His party trick in class was to ask a boy to call out a five digit number, such as 12,345, which he would write on the blackboard. Then he would ask another to call out a different five digit number.

By the time he had written the 2nd number on the board underneath the first, he had mentally multiplied both numbers together in his head.

Isn't it strange how someone forgotton years and years ago suddenly appear to you in a dream ?
John Rutley. Prep B & Coleridge B. 1958-1963.

michael scuffil
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Re: Do any of you.............

Post by michael scuffil » Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:07 am

Your description matches that of John Bullard, maths master, junior housemaster of MaB, and school timetabler. Known as "Wop".

He died suddenly in mid-term in 1961 (had a funeral in chapel), and his classes were taken over by underemployed First Parting Grecians, who I believe were paid a fair wage for their effort.
Th.B. 27 1955-63

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Re: Do any of you.............

Post by NEILL THE NOTORIOUS » Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:07 pm

I suppose my favourite Teacher at CH was a certain Mr Malins who taught English to the Brawny Geography Deps, and produced a memorable Hamlet at the end of our last Term, he was able to engage us with an interest in the oddities of the play. I was cast as Polonious, which was critisised in the Blue (I still have a copy !) as "A shrewed piece of casting as a buffoon !"
Towards the end of the War, Male Teachers were (Obviously) in short supply, and the said Deps were confronted by a stunning Blonde Female on her first lesson, on joining the School, I think straight out of University.
Of course, we all messed about a bit (Those who were not drooling ) and after about five minutes, during which, she observed us quietly, she chose, at random, 3 chaps, whom she told to "Report down the corridor to Mr Carey "
L M Carey was waiting cane in hand, with a grim smile on his face !
He had obviously had a word with her beforehand, and it was a set-up job.
She had no further trouble with any class. Nowadays I can only admire L M's tactics !
I was not one of those who had to report, I was still, at the back of the class --- entranced !
This is not intended as a contribution to the Corporal Punishment thread, but the Favourite Teacher.
I wish I could remember her name ----- anyone from 1946 able to help ?

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