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Re: Chris Nicholson and other favourite masters...

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:43 pm
by cloistersdim
I'm new to this site, but it is somehow intriguing. I left in '76 (LHA / Lamb B), so I guess it gets under your skin somewhat.

I wanted to add a note or two on some favourite teachers:

Mike Barford - a really patient, friendly chap and a brilliant cricketer, part of a successful Cambridge University side from the early seventies

Tom Jeffers - another patient chap (I wasn't the easiest teenager, I have to admit) who never let you down.

A Classicist called Trappes Lomax, who had a lateral side to him, very entertaining and anti-establishment - this appealed in those days.

Chris Nicholson obviously, and Des Carrington. And a soft spot for Tom Keeley and JE Dennison.

Not an exhaustive list by any means - there were numerous good guys on the staff in those days, though I suppose I didn't think so then.

I've been a teacher myself for 25 years - the biter bit - and have to admit, I had many excellent role models at CH in those days.

Re: Chris Nicholson and other favourite masters...

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 4:23 pm
by Spoonbill
Mr Ed has it right: it was indeed Chris Nicholson's somewhat heavy-handed ivory-tickling style at daily Prep Assembly in the Prep Hall in days of yore which earned him the nickname Bomber. Apparently CWN was the resident piano-thumper (though by no means a big name on the piano-playing circuit in my own day in the '70s), walloping his way through hymns with such thunderous force that the very floor quaked.

Does anyone here present actually recall his performances? Further, does anyone recall ever witnessing the gentleman attacking a piano in his post-Prep era? Because I know I don't.

Definitely a top-notch human being though, as indeed was Joe Slater. And Paul, CWN gave me one of those one-off extra Latin lessons in his study on a Sunday afternoon, but frankly I was beyond hope. My brain just froze over. Nice try though, CWN, and ever so above and beyond the call of duty.

Re: Chris Nicholson and other favourite masters...

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:05 pm
by grizzley
Chris "Bomber" Nicholson was a truly great teacher and, like many, a trifle eccentric.

In my first year my parents were much taken by my Latin Report from him : "His sphinx-like inscrutability belies his native intelligence". I think he meant I didn't say much in class.

On refereeing a soccer match in which I hit the bar with a header for LHB against LHA he turned to me and said : "Oh, my dear boy, how my heart bleeds for you".

After he missed a Latin lesson one Wednesday, he returned the next day and started the lesson by saying : "I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday boys, but I had to pop up to London urgently for a haircut and shampoo !"