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Help required

Post by englishangel » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:06 am

or for those on Facebook ... 3782466265

The latest we have heard about Phil is that the doctors have operated on his legs even so far as to pin them. He was in surgery for 4 hours but we wont know for 24-48 hours if the surgery has been a success. Nonetheless some doctors speaking to my parents a few hours later were quite optimistic. My mum said she pinched his toes and the skin changed colour and returned, which is a hopeful sign as it means the blood is travelling down his leg.
Phil is still in a coma - the doctors said he would not be able to hear my parents when they speak to him.
There is blood on its way over from Florida at the moment - fingers crossed if there are no complications at the airport then it should arrive in Mazatlan at 1pm local time (8pm here I believe). It is the days following this that we are hoping more blood becomes available. I also dont want to rely just on this supply in case for any reason it does deteriorate in transit.
I don't know the situation with his kidneys at the moment but my dad has said that hopefully there are donors that are walking into the hospital today to donate. This is what we want to continue to happen. It is less feasible to send people over from here which I know is what the media has tried to promote. He may be moved to the states once stabilised for 48 hours+ so we would not want people flying out there to find he has been moved. And obivously in the states, there is not such the problem of obtaining blood.
Please continue to look for blood in Mazatlan and the surrounding area. Obviously if you know of donors in this country, keep a note.
This is definitely a huge reminder to me and to all you as well I hope to give blood. It saves lives. Do whatever you can to give blood, to save more people in the world, and not just Phil.
Everyone has been working hard on this case. Thank you so much. I just hope Philip is working just as hard to get better.
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