MP3 players - advice needed please!

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Re: MP3 players - advice needed please!

Post by Chris Blewett » Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:18 pm

Certainly the iPod is the best choice for mp3 player!.

CYCLISTS - living where I do I LOVE them!!! I am always amazed that people with so many A Levels or a degree/masters/PHD can be SO stupid on two wheels. No lights after dark, cycling the wrong way down one way streets, ignoring red traffic lights, hoards of cyclists emerging from University departments forcing cars to stop at certain times of day as they race to the next lecture or return to college.......etc etc etc. Its only amazing that not more are killed - there is at least one reported RTC involving a pedal cycle a day in Cambridge when I'm at work!

Rant over!!
LHB, Th A 1968-Xmas 73

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