Mothers & Daughters

Share your memories and stories from the Hertford Christ's Hospital School, which closed in 1985, when the two schools integrated to the Horsham site....

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Mothers & Daughters

Post by mvgrogan » Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:07 pm

Just spent ages catching up with a good browse around while "chatting" to Mum on skype - sharing what we have found... especially memories of Miss Jukes & Miss Wilson, who both taught both of us!

It reminded me of the geography lesson, immediately after a swimming lesson, when I had no time to dry my hair and so I dared to drip on the parquet (?sp) flooring in the geography room!! Miss Wilson was obviously not impressed and launched into a "good telling off" but i just had to start giggling part way through when she referred to me as Frances rather than Maria... she had obviously gone back 20 years and thought I was my mother!! It taught me something new about Mum!!

...and now I wonder how many other mothers & daughters were taught by the same teachers...

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