Re-applying for Deps - A Vicious Rumour???

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Re: Re-applying for Deps - A Vicious Rumour???

Post by blondie95 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:25 pm

I dont think New deps sit any tests, they have a couple of informal interviews with members of staff but just need to get 6 B's at GCSE.

It shouldnt be expected you continue into 6th form, it should be that you continue education/training until 18. Many leave schools because they do not want to carry on in formal academic study but want to go do something more vocational or wider than 'traditional' a levels!
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Re: Re-applying for Deps - A Vicious Rumour???

Post by CHAZ » Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:46 am

This has always been a tough one as we are/were often told that behind every place there are 5 kids wanting to get in and so the pressure to succeed at GCSE now or in the old days O level is inevitable. CH gives you that opportunity that so many don't have access to and thus if you reap all its benefits, you can shrug off perhaps that former background that may have labelled you for life. The "GREAT" in the "great benefits that you have received" is surely here and my feeling is that if you don't make that effort, then your place should go to someone else who may be more motivated than you. Chance my friend or Carpe diem!

In my day you had to pass English Language and Maths O level and have 3 other O levels as a minimum to come back. Indeed you couldn't apply for an UCCA form without English and Maths...OUCH.

However I totally agree that training programmes and apprenticeships are more and more common and at 16 many chose to leave and pursue other paths that are equally rewarding....that actor guy left after O levels and seems to be doing OK!!!
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