Prep School, 1 year at state secondary or tutoring ?

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Re: Prep School, 1 year at state secondary or tutoring ?

Post by ReallyMissingHer » Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:09 pm

when I read through threads like this I am very grateful that my 3 youngest children are pretty much academically average, the stress of 1 needing to do to CH was hard enough! I can't imagine the complexities of accelerated learning etc etc. Surrey LEA point blank refuses to let children be educated "out of year" I had one friend who managed on the 3rd appeal to allow her July born daughter to drop down a year, nothing to do with her being a MLD school and struggling there but too able for a SLD school, nothing to do with an end of July birthday merely because she missed out on the first 3 years of education because she was still living in a former eastern european country in an orphanage!!!

Sometime the English education system and inconsistencies between the LEAs drive me insane. Some of the LEAs are finally allowing summer born children to defer starting reception for a year (and thus stay in the "wrong" year for the rest of their education, here in Surrey if you don't start reception when you "should" then you go straight into year 1, and suspicious me thinks it's all about money. My 3 younger ones will all have completed their GCSE exams and work before their 16th birthdays.

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