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Re: GCSE options

Post by MidBMama » Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:39 am

Well done to your son Englishangel - I think that's fantastic. I ended up going to a 'College of Higher Education' (which is now Bournemouth University!) at the age of 24 - it wasn't necessarily a good career move but it was a vital opportunity for growing up and finding good friends, which I had failed to do entirely before that. However, better education at A Level and good advice at the right time would have prevented me from making such a mess of things earlier on. I suppose we just want to make sure that our children get the most out of their time at CH, and feeling a bit isolated from things maybe it's too easy to get paranoid! I do wish your son (and his (2nd?) cousin the very best with their education and careers.
onewestguncopse wrote:We do know what we are doing at CH! We have sent students to top universities for 450 years. Relax and trust us to do best by your children.
Thanks so much OWGC for the reassurance and your insights into the whole process. I'll have to start worrying about A Levels soon then! I am still concerned that my son is giving up history and not sure that any amount of dragging around museums/watching films etc. will make up for that. I think what I would really have liked was for someone to take an overview of my son's progress so far and to make recommendations about what he should take, considering his preferences but also his abilities. it is quite easy at that age for them to be influenced by factors e.g. what their friends are taking (though I know this was discouraged) and what exciting field trips/perks might accompany some subjects!! We did talk very long and hard about all this at home but some objective advice might have been helpful. At the GCSE meeting/parents evening all the teachers were very helpful and positive, but all encouraged my son to take their subject!! Just one more option would have made the whole process just fine.

Anyway, I'll try to go with the flow - obviously the A level decision is going to be even harder, so I'll work on my relaxation techniques!

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