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Re: How tired

Post by Great Plum » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:52 pm

onewestguncopse wrote:Looking back, how tired where the new 2nd form when they returned home for the first leave weekend? They seem so busy, rushing to and fro. Also, how long was it before they got into the rhythm of the place? It is odd, but having worked here since 1996, this is the first year I have a vested interest in the 2nd form!

Finally, do boys actually do the prep/work as hard as they might? Did you find that they dipped a bit academically to start with until they learnt the habit? That is my wife's worry! :wink:

and how tired were the staff? :oops:
and there was me thinking you taught me on my squits in 1992...

I found my first year at CH not very challenging academically. However, I had been at a local prep school (Pennthorpe) and a year above my age there, so I was doing mock Common Entrance papers... Maths prep was always done in the class (Mr McCall used to set it at the start of lesson) and French was easy as I had already done 5 years of french! It was just later on when I discovered distractions that I stopped working so hard!
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