Cynthia Maddren

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Cynthia Maddren

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This is old news now, but I have searched and found there is surprisingly no post on here relating to this.

I learnt yesterday that Cynthia Maddren, wife of Dr. Paul Maddren, sadly passed away almost a year ago, after a long illness. She was a piano teacher at the school and always gave up a lot of her time to help pupils and whole houses with accompaniments for piano day, singing competitions etc.

It seems a bit inappropriately late to start expressing condolences to loved ones, but I thought anyone who knew her ought to know this sad news if they had not heard either.
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Re: Cynthia Maddren

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Indeed very sad news. I knew her before she was Mrs. Maddren when Paul was a House Tutor in LHA back in 1978-80 and then ironically he followed me up to PeB in 1980 where he satyed a few years. I think Cynthia's maiden name was Pearson and like Paul, she was so gifted musically. So sad all the more so that Doc Maddren has only been retired a short year or so. RIP.
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