Old Blues Day, 2012

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Re: Old Blues Day, 2012

Post by Fjgrogan » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:33 am

Thanks for that Chaz. I had asked Maria to reply, but she is a very busy person just now. I believe she only met Bill a few weeks before he died.
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Re: Old Blues Day, 2012

Post by cstegerlewis » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:28 pm

I knew of Bill and remember exactly where I was when I was told he had died - in the dormitory of Consiton Youth Hostel just before Christmas in my UF so must have been December 85 (which would tie in with Frances' comment above, it was the end of the first term after the merger), we were told by Gary Dobbie who was helping John Shippen lead the annual Scouts Lake District trip. I guess he was in his Deps.

I certainly didin;t now him well, although when I was in the sicker for a prolonged stay he was there also - I would say that in everyday life his CF did not stop him from being at school, but I guess he was not that active in many of the sports.
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Re: Old Blues Day, 2012

Post by consi » Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:42 pm

I remember Bill quite well - he was unerringly positive, despite his illness and certainly seemed to make the most of life. We knew he was very ill, but it still came as a shock when he died. I remember him telling me how he was always having to go for physio to try and keep his airways clear - sometimes coming back to school late after leave-weekends or half-term breaks. I also associate him with Doctor's Lake. He spent a lot of time down there.

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