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Re: Masters' Nicknames

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:51 pm
Boomer is mentioned in Tommy's post from January this year.

I started this thread and can't belive I left JMC out as he was the guy who taught me English, coached AThletics with taffy Williams and appointed me President of Grecians Club! Perhaps the fact that I did not mention his nickname shows how much I repsected him.
RIP Boomer!

Re: Masters' Nicknames

Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 4:21 pm
by colb28
Re nicknames I agree with Osram (Mr Lorimer) and Pegleg (Kit Aitken) Bogey (Fryer) etc. but I don't remember too many more. However, further to correspondence relating to Headmaster CME Seaman I distinctly remember the nickname 'Banzai', apparently referring to his comment to a passing boy: 'No bands I see...'!

Unlike some other correspondents I found him a dignified character rather than 'aloof' and in comparison his successor Newsome in retrospect seemed brash. We were never the best of friends, it is true but in later life I met an ex-pupil from Wellington school where he took over after leaving CH who said that he was not popular.

Going back to 'banzai' he instituted the practice of having a 'reading' by a Grecian during assembly in Big School if there was not too much other business and on one occasion he announced we would hear a passage from Ger - ALD Due - RELL which turned out to be the better-known Gerald Durrell!