Old Blue in the Lee Rigby trial

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Old Blue in the Lee Rigby trial

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Forensic psychiatrist Tim McInerny (ThB 74-83) featured in the Lee Rigby murder trial today:
Earlier the court heard how a psychiatrist who assessed Mr Adebolajo concluded that he does not have a mental disorder.

The expert who assessed Mr Adebolajo said he was polite and co-operative and had mental capacity, the jury was told.

The statement read to the Old Bailey on behalf of consultant forensic psychiatrist Tim McInerny, who interviewed Mr Adebolajo at King's College Hospital on three occasions, said the defendant had been keen to talk about the incident that led to his arrest…

The defendant "showed no signs of regret or remorse" about what happened, the psychiatrist said.

Mr McInerny added that Mr Adebolajo warned he would be a "continuing risk to the British military".

His actions had been "on the basis of his religious beliefs and because British soldiers were killing people in the Middle East", Mr Adebolajo had told Mr McInerny.
Full report here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25216336
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