The late Edward Baker

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The late Edward Baker

Post by michael scuffil » Fri May 01, 2015 12:57 pm

After announcing the death of an Edward Baker, supposedly of LaB, in the last edition, the CHOBA newsletter has now corrected this to ColB, so I know who they are talking about. He was a friend of my very good friend the late Nick Cox, and in the late 60s, he would often, at weekends, visit the house I shared in Cambridge with Nick and Andrew Porter (ThA), where we would have a huge meal for which he supplied the wine in excessive quantities.

He was known as 'Chet' (obviously) and studied musicology at Durham, but this is not something that leads to easy employment, so he took over his uncle's firm, which was basically a one-man office somewhere in the City and at that time was the monopoly importer of gluten into the UK. At the above blow-outs, Chet would regale us with tales of said uncle, who was one of Mosley's blackshirts. These people used the word 'Fascist' as a form of address, rather as the communists used 'Comrade', so the uncle was 'Fascist Baker'.

After Nick's death 10 years ago, I lost touch with him.
Th.B. 27 1955-63

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