Helen Rose (Hertford 4s? approx 71-79)

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Helen Rose (Hertford 4s? approx 71-79)

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I am sad to write that Helen Rose (married name Tilley) passed away on 4th January after a two year battle with cancer. She leaves behind her husband Ian and her three sons, two of whom are still in their teenage years.

Helen and I lived just a few yards apart in this part of London SE14, a fact only discovered from an old copy of Who's Blue I found around 3 years ago. We also discovered we both had children with the same disability, and we used to chat about CH when we used to watch our two boys at their joint swimming lessons.

Her husband Ian has asked me to put the details here in case any of her peers at Hertford remember her.

Her funeral is taking place at Peterborough Cathedral on Friday 20th January 2017 at 1pm, followed by her internment in Aldwincle and the wake at Wadenhoe. Please PM me for further details or phone 07903 097740.

If anyone could cut and paste this to the CH Ladies facebook site, that would be most kind.

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Re: Helen Rose (Hertford 4s? approx 71-79)

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Thank you for posting this. Another HOB noticed it and emailed me as she knows I am on the CH Ladies Facebook site. In fact Helen was on there too but it appears that no-one knew about her illness.
I have now posted it on there.

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Re: Helen Rose (Hertford 4s? approx 71-79)

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Thanks, Mary
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