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loringa wrote: Mon Mar 29, 2021 6:36 pm
David, David, David - this is the problem with the Internet isn't it: a mixture of facts, falsehoods and half truths? A senior religious scholar in Saudi Arabia did indeed issue the said fatwa but he was not the supreme religious authority as such; as far as I know, there are no supreme (earthly) authorities in Sunni Islam. As for the Pi (not phi) equals 3 nonsense, the Indiana Pi bill did indeed try to legislate that Pi equalled 3 but that was in about 1897 and, whilst it was passed in the House of Representatives, it didn't pass in the State Senate. The Alabama Pi bill was just an April fool's day joke. This is a nation that put the man on the moon for goodness sake!

I can't comment on the number of Americans that do not know that antibiotics only kill bacteria but I doubt it is that much different from the number of Brits; educated people know this, the less well educated might not.

As for 'strict Jews', fundamentalist Jews and fundamentalist Christians believe that the earth was created 6000 years' ago and plenty of Muslims do not believe in evolution. This is despite all the evidence to the contrary and is thus an article of faith and therefore, to them, unquestionable.

We have flat earthers, fundamentalists, climate-change deniers and people who believe that Covid-19 was a Government plot in this country, in the United States and elsewhere. There are stupid people and ill-educated people in this world along with a great number who are easily led. We need neither to join them nor tar entire nations, or religions, with the same brush.

BTW I rather doubt Hazza Al Mansouri thinks the world is flat!
Thank you. You saved me the trouble of writing a similar reply.
If a stone falls on an egg: alas for the egg
If an egg falls on a stone: alas for the egg
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