Let's be positive

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Let's be positive

Post by sejintenej » Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:46 pm

With all the misery stemming from the actions of a minority of teachers it does appear that the present guidance of Housey is attempting to not only deal with the injuries of the past but to guide the school into the future.

The Forum's readership extends from those close to their eighties down to those who recently left; it includes old fashioned ideas to those of the modern age so what ideas do we have to allow and help CH to evolve and be recognised?

- Whilst TV programmes like Highway do show a semi-positive side religion is no longer foremost in peoples' minds
- Masses of top grades in exams are boasted about by every school so that in itself does not distinguish CH. Is CH the top of the pile? The Inspectors' reports need to be overwhelmingly positive and full of praise. (I am sure that this is already an aim of the staff but any ideas how to help them?)

- Some years ago the school employed an American who trained up a pop group which appeared not only in public but on TV - that showed initiative and a willingness to be different! In what way has that willingness to go outside the three Rs been followed up?
- The Romanian Orphans; excellent initiative even if it cannot be continued for legal reasons.
- The school band appearing in the Lord Mayor's show, at Lords and at one of the Rose Bowls - marvellous publicity
- I am sure that there have been other actions but which are not widely recognised but need to be publicised

The school needs more positive initiatives so that parents automatically see CH as being far and away the best for their children - forget Eton and the local Comp - it has to be CH! Ideas tor the Head, please

Years ago during my time a Scottish public school equivalent was the local mountain rescue team; the simple fact lead outsiders to understand that pupils were involved in the community, were tough and resoursefull - what a public picture!
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