Cross-country runs

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Re: Cross-country runs

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In the 80's

Drills: LHB House drill was from LHB run down to sicker gate opposite corner of Dr's Lake, along pavement to main lodge, back up avenue to LHB, run at 6:30am, 3 laps for single 5 for a double, with UF monitors on cycle sometimes carrying hockey sticks to help encourage speed. Those drills were given out and enforced by UF so could be given for spurious reasons (i was given one for "farting on back the back asphalt" as a UF was behind me and didnt like the smell)

School Drills, from the armoury run up to the road, down the hill past the bokkers club to station then back up to armoury/swimming pool. Think it was 4 for a single 6 for a double a triple became a DT. from memory they were Tu afternoon after lunch - def before hobbies afternoon as i remember going to the Manual school after one and Mr Robinson the Northern replacement for Webb deliberately dropping a wooden mallet on my trainer clad toes to show they were the wrong footwear. These were only handed out by Masters not monitors i think

Runs. Remember doing Mile runs in house and then there was the steeplechase

For Boys it was
Jnr - leave frst XV pitch run out Peele gate along Peele straight over style up hill towards itchingfield school, turn left and left again by itchingfield school across road into Shelleys Wood, exit half way down shelly's wood back over peele bridge finish at 1st XI Pavillion

Intermediate: Same start but at Itchingfield school keep straight on along Munthum lane, then along Brambly ditch, turn left and run along roadside until level with edge of shelly's wood, cross road and up to peak of sharpenhurst, drop down to side of railway via the copse run along bottom of embankment (such heavy clay i once ripped the sole of a pair of trainers) up steps by Peel Bridge and finish at 1st XI

Senior: Same as intermediate until top of sharpenhurst when you turned right rather than going straight and so ran further around base of hll alongside railway (mange to only run this once i think)

There was much consternation when the merger happened as all girls steeplechases were around Bigside and even a Grecial Gril ran less distance than a 2nd Form boy

There used to be "the Mob" race and the Team Race. The team race was the competitive one and the Mob was for everyone else - the only real way out was to be in signals and get stationed somewhere along the route by O'Meara to radio back positions as people passed (smokers tended to get sent to Shelley's wood by him)
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