Pongo - Eric Littlefield

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Re: Pongo - Eric Littlefield

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I reckon Mathews must have been on the point of retiring when he taught me and wasn't very interested (maybe he never was!). I seem to remember people lighting fires in the lab desk drawers, he didn't even flinch.
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Re: Pongo - Eric Littlefield

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Since we are now talking of Phal Matthews, I can add that the fire-in-a-lab-desk-drawer episode, mentioned by dsm, which occurred at the end of Phal’s teaching career, could very well have also happened anytime in the 1950s. In spite of all his clear failings his teaching had one excellent characteristic. If one was serious about learning chemistry there was a simple method with him to ensure success. His teaching in effect was solely the dictation of notes covering the syllabus, nothing much else. If one copied his words carefully and learned them that was more than enough to pass. This method was very efficacious and about as far removed as imaginable from the heuristic method, so beloved and publicised by Van Praagh.
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