Actors sought for new opera! (speaking parts!!)

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LE (Little Erasmus)
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Actors sought for new opera! (speaking parts!!)

Post by Tim » Tue Jun 05, 2007 5:49 pm

Hi all!

Calling all actors... please consider being in my new "opera" (for want of a better word - all parts are speaking parts but there is music throughout). Details below!!



Author: Tim Benjamin / Sean Starke
Venue: South Bank Centre, London
Date: 18th/19th/20th September 2007

Director: Sean Starke
Producer: Tim Benjamin / Radius

Auditions: Oxford on 26th June or London 27th June

Production Information:
"The Corley Conspiracy" is a new music theatre work by Tim Benjamin
(music + script) and Sean Starke (script + direction). All parts are
speaking parts (not singing!); the work involves one male lead plus a
chorus of four (2 male 2 female), and two off-stage parts (1 male 1
female). We are casting for all parts.

The performance dates are 18th-20th September 2007 and the rehearsals
will be held in London during the two weeks preceding this, in London.


This music theatre piece is a portrayal of conspiracy theorist Mike
Corley, who posted his ideas at length on various Usenet newsgroups in

Put simply, Mike thinks that any use in TV and radio news bulletins of
the word "mad" or any derivative, alone or as part of any other word
(e.g. Knutsford – includes the word "nut" – get the idea?) is a direct
reference to him. He knows this because when they say these words, the
TV newsreaders always look straight at a monitor linked to a camera in
his living room. This monitor is placed, of course, adjacent to the
camera lens, giving the impression that they are looking straight out
of the tube at him.
– "What Mike Corley Believes", H2G2 on Mike Corley

It is unknown whether "Mike Corley" was a real person, genuinely
insane, a "troll", a work of performance art, or a psychology
experiment, but his posts and the decreasingly credulous responses
form a fascinating account of an early Internet phenomenon. Tim
Benjamin's music theatre piece will use much of the original text of
Corley's posts and the Usenet discussions about him and will portray a
concealed Corley's decline into his particular form of madness.


Applicant Requirements:
Male lead must have non-region-specific English accent, and be c.25-35
years old. Chorus parts may be American or English, and have no
specific age requirement. NB These are all speaking parts and no
singing is required!

Contact Details:
Please contact us for further information as follows -

Tim Benjamin
07879 842227

Other Information:
The music will be performed by Radius (, a high
profile new professional "contemporary classical" group. The event
itself is part of the 2006 London Design Festival and will attract
significant press attention. "The Corley Conspiracy" website is at
Tim Benjamin
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Button Grecian
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Post by cj » Tue Jun 05, 2007 10:25 pm

Wow! Good luck with your project, Tim. I'm afraid I don't know any thesps, only Renaissance singers.
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Angela Woodford
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If only...

Post by Angela Woodford » Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:16 pm

I would most certainly love to audition, if only I were in London. Sounds a wonderful portrayal of schizophrenic "ideas of reference"!

Fantastic project!


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