Teaching English in the UK or abroad

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Ajarn Philip
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Teaching English in the UK or abroad

Post by Ajarn Philip » Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:52 am

I was answering a post elsewhere on this forum and thought this might just come in handy for those thinking of travelling, taking a few years off, etc.

Without typing it all out again, here's a copy of my reply.

"Getting a TEFL or TESOL qualification is a good bet for long term fillers (just to clarify, that's Teaching English as a Foreign Language and ditto to Speakers of Other Languages), for any time you want to take a year or two off and teach English abroad, as a mid-life career change (says he!), or even as a career.

You need to make the initial investment on a 6-week course (don't do the on-line courses), and it's not cheap (not sure, but I suspect around 5-600 quid), but once you have that little piece of paper, the world is your lobster."

TESOL is really aimed at teaching English to groups of assorted foreigners in the UK, while TEFL is principally for teaching abroad.

I teach English at a university in Thailand, but there are jobs at all levels all over the world. China, especially, at the moment.

It's all out there on the Internet, but if you would like any advice, I'll help if I can.
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Vièr Bliu
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Re: Teaching English in the UK or abroad

Post by Vièr Bliu » Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:13 pm

I'm also available for advice, if anyone wants. I spent several years as a TESOL teacher. I now tutor a couple of times a year on Cert TESOL courses, training aspiring teachers. Worth considering as a career, a job that enables travel and variety, or for that all-important mid-life crisis (!) - but anyone considering it shouldn't go into the training course lightly as the courses are usually intense and require definite commitment.
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