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Button Grecian
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Export Manager for hire

Post by Euterpe13 »

Having just had the division for which I work sold under me, my job has disappeared and I am therefore being made redundant...

Anyone need a mulicultural, polyglotte, widely experienced and well-educated export manager?

CV available on demand.

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Re: Export Manager for hire

Post by J.R. »

Sorry to hear that Barbara.

I believe there are still one or two vacancies in Mr Brown's re-shuffled cabinet ! :oops:
John Rutley. Prep B & Coleridge B. 1958-1963.

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Re: Export Manager for hire

Post by Fjgrogan »

Always remember, it is not you that is redundant, it is your job. Theoretically that is supposed to make you feel better about it - personally I didn't find it helped!
Frances Grogan (Haley) 6's 1956 - 62

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