Videos on YouTube

Post any pictures of your time at CH, or pictures of people/places at CH now - what's changed over the past years? What's good/what's bad?

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Videos on YouTube

Post by phi2001 » Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:49 pm

I just came across some posts from February on the General Non-CH board, starting with:

The posts were about a video I had uploaded to YouTube (Christ's Hospital - Looking Back at 1955-63):

I started to reply on that board, but then thought that only dedicated ferrets would look there. So instead I have taken the liberty of continuing here, just leaving a link and an apology on the other board.

Anyway I was delighted to read some posts saying that you had enjoyed the video. I have now added to YouTube an abridged version of the Looking Back at 1955-3 video (link is for those wishing to be spared five minutes of me rambling to camera.

Maybe some of you would also enjoy my other video on Youtube (if you haven't already found it). This second one records the Col A Reunion in 2000 and the link is:

I also saw some comments about the photos in my first video. Those who surmised that I had got some of them from this site were absolutely right (those are the ones that I had borrowed shamelessly) but for the others I have prints or even negatives. So if you want me to upload any of them, post a short description of the ones you want and I'll do my best. What I don't want to attempt is to upload all of them, because there are so many.

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