Looking for Info on my Dad from 1930/40s

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Re: Looking for Info on my Dad from 1930/40s

Post by BEANY » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:06 pm

Hi I am Brian Haynes. i was in Peele A .I haven't any pics of Joseph BUT I can tell you that he was a very good friend and we got on well together. I was at CH from Sept 1936 to Dec1943.
We would have been in mostly the same classes. I did Latin and German as well as the usual subjects.I just cannot remember what subjects we did together. They will be recorded in the school museum archives in the old infirmary building at CH..They even have a record of
treatment I had for stitching my right arm after I put it through a window !!!!!It would appear we both left school about the same time.The school records are very complete..I suggest you get on to them.I seem to remember that some boys were playng with potassium chlorate in the changing rooms...if you hit it hard on the concrete floor is did "go off". I think someone's hand got damaged.I just wish now that I had kept a diary.. I had Polio in 1956 amd although the memory has returned I had to have counselling to trigger it back ! ! ! !
Enough waffle.. Sorry I cannot help further.. i was born in 1927..
As most boys were at the school from the age of 9 in the Prep and leaving at the age 16 it seems Joseph did the full time at CH.I did one extra term to get Matriculation standard ,as the General Schools exam at the end of the summer term in 1943 I only got passes and the staff thought I "could do better"
I did credits second time round and left in the December...


This is a bit of a long shot..

My Dad Joseph Mordaunt attended CH from 1936 - 1943 I believe. He was dismissed in 1943 for apparently
participating in making a bomb which damaged another boys hand.

He was in Maine B and his master was G.W. Newbury.
I received this information about him by a fellow student contacted via friends reunited, but am looking for
any further information I can gather about his life as he passed away in 1980 when I was 9 years old and without going
into my life story have few photos or information about him..My sister and I did contact the school but they did not have on record the reason for his removal!

Could anyone help me on the right path please. It would be great to have a picture of him, I know he lost some teeth
to rugby and was a keen sportsman, can anybody remember him???


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