The Old Swimming Baths J G Steel Peele A 1940-1947

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Re: The Old Swimming Baths J G Steel Peele A 1940-1947

Post by ian pullen » Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:55 pm

J.G Steel wrote on 19 march 2010 that one of the Urquhart-Pullen brothers had a memorial plaque to the right side of the Dining Hall- that was my brother G.R. Urquhart-Pullen (commkonly known as 'Pullen', while I am 'Urquhart'). My brother was shot down in his Canberra over Lebanon in the Suez Crisis of November 1956, Because it was a secret mission, no information was released until the late '90s. The memorial plaque was put up in 2000 and I attended the service with my wife, daughter and grandson. Further information is available on the internet by keying in G.R. Urquhart-Pullen.

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Re: The Old Swimming Baths J G Steel Peele A 1940-1947

Post by John Saunders » Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:01 am

Refence the comment on the Abbot Watch. I am looking at the trophy I received after winning the Abbot Watch in July 1955.
In my case I had a watch so chose a trophy instead. It was a long haul I dont know how many lengths now. I tracked Johnny Coggins Mid B for all but the last two lengths. He was a very strong backstroke swimmer but I was able to sprint a little quicker on the last length. Peter Jeffrey Th.,B counted lengths for me. Ref the water polo ,I played in the Cambridge team with Jo Horwood Col B ,for the CU Tadpoles. We played against the Oxford Dolphins in whose ranks Geoff Hines starred.

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