Happy Birthday Richard Ruck !

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Happy Birthday Richard Ruck !

Post by J.R. »

Another year passes.

Have a great day !

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Re: Happy Birthday Richard Ruck !

Post by midget »

Happy Birthday
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Re: Happy Birthday Richard Ruck !

Post by Chrissie Boy »

Hey, I didn't spot this thread till now....and I'm guessing that quite a few other folk didn't either, unless of course you've recently done or said something to alienate the rest of this community and they're all giving you the bodyswerve now.

Whatever, I hope you had a tolerably non-hellish day, Ricardo, during which you consumed several trombonesful of intoxicating liqour and then fell flat on your face in a large pile of horse manure in the very best Old Blue tradition.
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Re: Happy Birthday Richard Ruck !

Post by Richard Ruck »

Thanks! No horse manure, I'm afraid, but the day was very non-hellish, in a pub / Japanese restaurant / pub sort of way.....
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