Equipment needed for science labs in Brazilian school.

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Equipment needed for science labs in Brazilian school.

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This is by no means a desparate plea, since we can use the facilities of the University in Manaus; but, if there are any people of a philthropic inclanation that read these forums, the school where I will be teaching IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics are very short of even the most basic of equipment.

The problem with using the Uni. is that the school is rather out of the way and it takes a lot out of day to get the students there. It would be nice to be able to do a lot of basic O level experiments in the classroom on a regular basis rather than 2 or 3 (at the most) of the more complex ones at the Uni.

Well there's my pitch, which I convinced myself I should try, given that if you don't ask you get.

Maybe someone knows of an organisation which does sponsor this type of project? Sometimes advice is more valuable than cash.
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