The School Rules

Share your memories and stories from the Hertford Christ's Hospital School, which closed in 1985, when the two schools integrated to the Horsham site....

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Re: The School Rules

Post by jules46 » Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:56 pm

Oh Yes the shame of it Angela, Surgical spirit and a red face infront of Sister ( who left a scar which I hve to this day!! ) We were strictly forbidden to enter the Dorm after lights out, -I was a 4th former at the time- never really sure why!! It was pretty easy to sneak around if you wanted to anyway!! Regarding the 6th Formers aid, fortunately there were coulpe of nice ones who I asked for assistance Valerie and Helen if my memory serves!! My Sister found it most amusing she was in 6's and a Lower Sixth at the time, it did not stay secret for long!!!
Looking back I think that I pretty much did as I was expected although I did try a Cigerette on one occaision and nearly turned green!! It all seems so silly now when you look at how things have changed ohhh I sound old!!!! :D

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