Herts Memories

Share your memories and stories from the Hertford Christ's Hospital School, which closed in 1985, when the two schools integrated to the Horsham site....

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Re: Herts Memories

Post by Angela Woodford »

"Me with the Duke of Gloucester".

That's quite sweet. Pedants Alert! "The Duke of Gloucester and I" perhaps?

As far as I remember, SWSNBN had several girls she liked as Nines Helpers. Phine Maude was one of them in my year. This Veronica Humphry must have been in the background, but very quietly until the happy day of the SWSNBN retirement!
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Re: Herts Memories

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I definitely remember "Miss/Mrs" Humphrey - did not know her as Veronica though. If she was the needlework teacher - then I owe her a debt of gratitude for everything I have ever sewn since. She was incredibly organized - and had us all keep a composition book with written techniques and stitched samples of everything from French seams to button holes. It was a tremendous reference tome. I did not make the connection between the needlework teacher and "Wardrobe mistress" - but I was truly CLUELESS for 7 years about most of the events/things going on around me, so it isn't surprising. I've said it before - but I was in the most amazing FOG, from which I would surface briefly - and then return. Most things just passed me by.
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Re: Herts Memories

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Mrs Humphrey didn't teach needlework - the posts were split after SWMNBN's retirement. You may be thinking of Mrs Newbold, who took over as needlework mistress, though I think possibly Betty Jukes and Mrs Owen, one of the young Scripture teachers, might have taught some classes as well or in between. Mrs Newbold's husband was a master at Haileybury. She never taught me but she always seemed pleasant and down-to-earth, though if I remember correctly a friend who continued with needlework up to O level had a few run-ins with her.
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