Gravel Crunching

Share your memories and stories from the Hertford Christ's Hospital School, which closed in 1985, when the two schools integrated to the Horsham site....

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Re: Gravel Crunching

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Betty Jukes taught science to the 3rd form , I think. Messing about with bunsen burners and trying to put a metal ball through a ring before and after it had been heated and using words like "expand" and "contract" . Then drawing a picture of said experiment. Thwilling stuff !
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Re: Gravel Crunching

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Definitely Betty Jukes for 3rd form general science, and after that we were into chemistry and biology with Chemi T and Mrs someone I can't remember but there was the textbook with the diagram of reproduction in the rabbit....
And yes indeed, we were all trying to conform to a norm that now seems bizarre, and I certainly did it myself later on. Things seem to have got more extreme and perhaps less fair towards the end of the Hertford years, judging by some of what's been said on the Fb group.
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Re: Gravel Crunching

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kerrensimmonds wrote:Double Science with Betty Jukes. Are you SURE, Angela? I thought she was focussed on domestic science which - all things considered - was most definitely not 'scientific' in the itional sense .
Of course I'm sure! She taught the basic scientific principles to us well, and made her lessons very interesting.

Oh, and Mary! We had Mrs McKee for Bio at first, then Mrs Lewis (when you and I sat together at the back bench on the right - and I marvelled at your lovely diagram of the Iris Rhizome).
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Re: Gravel Crunching

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Yep, I can endorse that Betty Jukes taught 3rd (1st) year general science before we went on to the eccentric delights of Chemi T in our second year.
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Re: Gravel Crunching

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Definitely taught us science and engraved on my mind for ever that because metal expanded when hot if you were changing the height of shelves in the oven it should be done before you heated the oven up!
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