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Re: laptops

Post by Iguana » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:54 pm

speaking as someone who made the mistake of allowing offspring to get a laptop courtesy of the government BECTA scheme (I thought it would mean she was mobile when she went to father's) and in response to all homework seemingly set on computer I have now bought a very nice windows 8 desktop to keep in the lounge and been trying to invest in some software having realised too late the dire effects of laptops in bedrooms aka tv on mental health. I find CH person on laptop in room instead of socialising and this didn't happen before. I don't like the phones either. I think there is time and place but am not confident obsessive personality types won't spend all time on them, bar biting pigs spring to mind, the more so if stressed and isn't there a lot of research that shows that people learn best when not on computer but by old fashioned writing it down. It makes me very anxious. I take a wifi box to bed with me on the advice of a year head and am waiting for the laptops to break down. I don't understand why everyone has to have a laptop. At uni we had labs where we could go to work. admittedly it was nice to have your own but our volume of work was much higher. I'm not impressed with people learning from computers. It seems to me knowledge of IT would be essential nowadays and possibly some basic programming too. I would have thought with the schools links they could inherit some computers which they could maintain as desktops for the kids to use.
I would not get a laptop for my child again whatever school says as I am sure that it has had a detrimental not a beneficial effect. They are too addictive!

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