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Carl Robinson
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Old Blues Cricket

Post by Carl Robinson » Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:56 pm

Trying to make contact with the following AWOL Old Blues. If anyone can help out, I'd be grateful.

Annoh, Moses; Atkinson, James; Avenell, Will; Aylward, Guy; Bassett, Matt; Bawtree-Jobson, Ben; Bex-Russell, Will; Boardman, Peter; Brace, David; Bradley, Colin; Busby, James; Buset, Ali; Bystry, Ben; Chamberlin,George; Clydesdale-Cotter, Dan; Collins, Chris; Cordery, Jack; Crocker, Sam; Crowley, Josh; Day, Tom; Dealtry, Luke; Doyne-Ditmas,Harry; Edwards, Justin; Fraser-Gausden,Toby; Geralds, Ben; Groves+, Dominic; Hall, Sam; Hawke, Richard; Hayes, Toby; Hobden, George; Holland, Hugo; Jackson, Martin; Kruger, Andries; Langton, Leon; Leakey, Josh; Lewis, Ben; McKinen, Billy; Meredith-Jones, Andrew; Meredith-Jones, Rupert; Millicheap, Sam; Montgomery, Simon; Mukasa, Davis; Mukasa, Tim; Murray, Glenn; Noor,Mustafa; Noye, Ollie; Pannell, Regan; Patel, Jatin; Perry, John; Piagessi, Gareth;
Pickhaver, Tom; Priestman, Max; Rider, Paul; Rosier, Peter; Sheppard-Burgess, Andrew; Sheppard-Burgess, David; Smith, Adam; Smith, Tim; Smithson, Ben;
Sobanjo, Elijah; Tarr, Ben; Thomas, Francis; Thomson,Nik; Thornton,Will; Vaughan, Andrew; Vernon-Jones, Max; Walker, Ben; Weihs, Matthew; Westerhout, David; White, Chris; Woodbridge, Alex; Yapp, Lee.

Long list I know...that's why I need help!!

Carl (CH 1st XI Captain 1991)

GE (Great Erasmus)
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Old Blues Cricket

Post by Rex » Tue Sep 25, 2007 11:51 pm

Carl, I've just attempted to send you a pm. If it doesn't arrive, let me know.

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Ajarn Philip
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Post by Ajarn Philip » Wed Sep 26, 2007 4:42 am

You might get more help from the 'Looking For...' section, Carl?

Good luck!
I know exactly what words I am wanting to say, but somehow or other they is always getting squiffsquiddled around

Phil Underwood Ma A Col A Mid B 68-75

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Great Plum
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Post by Great Plum » Wed Sep 26, 2007 12:28 pm

Hi Carl,

good to see you on Saturday at the ball...

Have you tried Facebook - I think quite a few are on there!
Maine B - 1992-95 Maine A 1995-99

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