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Cornwall Old Blues

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 9:09 am
by DavebytheSea
Woops - I've only just discovered this topic lurking near the bottom of the forum.

Anyway, we meet Frank Pattison and CH cyclists tomorrow (10th April) at the King of Prussi pub on Fowey Town Quay at 6:30pm. Join us if you can.

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 8:09 pm
by jtaylor
See this topic for further info:-

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 3:34 pm
by DavebytheSea
Old Blues in Cornwall met up at Flushing Sailing Club on August 21st - a wonderful, warm, summer, Sunday.

Blues present were:

Spenceley Bill 24-29 Md B
Colhoun KM 33-39 1
Thurnall-Read D 36-42 Mid A
Gibson Mike 36-43 Ba B
Rayner Roff 37-44 Ma B
Portwood Peter 37-45 Prep A, Col B
Knight Jennifer 47-54 7
Eastburn David 47-55 Prep B, Mid A
Richardson Peter 48-56 La B
Dane David 49-56 Ba A
Taplin David 50-57 La B
Hughes Carolyn 54-58 2
Godfrey Andrew 69-75 Col A
Sandys John 70-75 LH B, Th A
Snook Tom 88-92 Staff
Eastburn Jonathan 05- Pe A

Dr Peter Southern entered to the strains of "Sussex by the Sea" by the school band (recorded). Roll Call was followed by Grace before Meat confidently read by John Sandys. This was the prelude to a superb cold collation ending with mountains of delicious stawberries and oodles of thick Cornish Clotted cream. All was washed down by wines specially selected by Peter Portwood (Master of Bibulations).

Following Grace after Meat (Peter Richardson managed "charitable benevolence" with great delicacy and precision despite the copious refills being admistered by Portwood and his young acolytes), the Housey toast was robustly proposed by our senior member, Bill Spenceley who arrived at Horsham in its early years.

In his reply, the Headmaster spoke of the current developments at the school and of the plans for future development. He also made Old Blues aware of the current, rather desperate, financial situation now faced by the Foundation. However, despite all the changes, despite all the problems, we were assured that Christ's Hospital would not depart one iota from the wishes of the Founder; namely to give a sound education to those children most in need.

Moved, no doubt, by the sparkling water around us and dozens of little sailing boats enjoying the afternoon breeze, David Taplin asked the headmaster about the lack of any sailing provision at the school. He pointed out that sailing was the one sport in which the UK held a position of world dominance and suggested that a small fleet of 420 dinghies would be a most worthwhile acquisition. In this he was supported by Tom Snook a former member of staff who, in his time, had been master in charge of sailing.

While Dr Southern was clearly concerned about the practicalities, both in terms of cost and staffing, his obvious sympathies were clear; he was last seen sailing away into Falmouth Bay together his wife Dinah and David Eastburn and family - no doubt to spend a peaceful night at anchor in some quiet Cornish cove.

Bill Spencely formulates a searching question for the Headmaster

Dr Southern (sort of squatting) with Old Blues in Cornwall and their guests

The gathering in Flushing

Peter Portwood (Master of Ceremonies and Bibulations) and David Eastburn (Old Blues in Cornwall Co-ordinator)

Dr Southern in expansive mood replies to the toast

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2005 6:10 pm
by DavebytheSea
Bill Spenceley's lunch

Bill Spenceley (Mid B 24-29) entertained some older Old Blues to lunch at his lovely Feock home overlooking the Fal estuary to-day. Although we were somewhat saddened and subdued by the recent death of Peter Portwood (see elsewhere on this forum) who together with his wife Wendy had planned to be present, we were royally entertained by our host who, as always, was in excellent form.

Among those present were: Bill Spenceley, Roff and Jo Rayner, David and Judith Eastburn, Master Oliver Eastburn and Valerie White. On display, were a number of books and memorabilia (including Bill's broadie) and some photographs dating back to the 1920s. Two of these i hope to display on this forum if I can work out how to do it. One is of Bill as a Squit in 1924 (he relates that his immensely proud parents made him hold the book to look more academic) and the other of the Band in 1927 - Bill played the euphonium.