Thronton B & Ward 9 Association dinner 2012

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Thronton B & Ward 9 Association dinner 2012

Post by Thornton A 19 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:24 pm

Hello. I have managed to volunteer my services to organise this year's Thornton B & Ward 9 Association dinner. I last went to one of these gatherings in the late 90s when John Gower was still running the event. Over the last few years, I gather that the event has been less well supported and particularly by younger old blues (I include myself in that "younger" category!).

So I am trying a number of different on-line tactics to try and swell the numbers this year. For those on facebook and Linked-in, I have started groups under the same name. Please feel free to look me up and join one or both of them. Alternatively please feel free to contact me directly on this forum. Also if you know any other OBs who were in Th B, then please pass this on to them.

Our aim is to hold the dinner at a London venue in September this year. The invitation is open to anyone who was in Thorn B. This now of course includes female Old Blues as Thornton recently became a girls house. We will be inviting the current Housemistress along with a couple of the senior girls and House Captain.

We hope to have the details finalised next week and I shall post them on this forum then.


Mike Kimmer (ThB/ThA 84-91)

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