Choices after University are now more difficult

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Choices after University are now more difficult

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As many students are now discovering a degree does not get a job any more, and for those who can afford it internships are often the only way forward (as I have discovered with a daughter just completed Part 1 in Architecture at Glasgow School of Art) so I think the site should have a forum for this issue, many professions eg Medicine and Architecture are opposed to them - how would you like an unpaid junior doctor treating you in hospital? How ever unless some clear boundaries are put around this development we are back to a form of apprenticeship at best with no access for those who have no one to support them financially.
As a Prof at a University I am well aware of the undergraduate problem, but I am also Director of the NHS General Management Training Scheme Human Resource specialism - (its like the Civil service scheme) the HR track has been rated the best across all sectors for a number of years in the Times Graduate survey, but itself provides an idea of how hard things have become.We have seen a jump across the whole scheme in applications for 250 places in total from an average of 7,000 to 14,000, so that gives an idea of the size of the problem facing many well qualified young people.
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Re: Choices after University are now more difficult

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....... and that's WITHOUT the added problem of finance !

Thanks Lib Dems !!
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