D P Robinson BaB 1950s

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D P Robinson BaB 1950s

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The last issue of Cambridge University alumni magazine has an article about enthusiasts in the audio recording field that have been associated with the University. David Robinson (Pembroke College, 1959) is mentioned as an early pioneer, who subsequently went to the BBC. Interestingly, he was associated with an American PhD student in the same college called Ray Dolby, who developed the eponymous sound enhancement system.

At CH in the late 1950s there was a Science Grecian, D P Robinson, whom I recall vaguely, who was active in this field. He was in BaB 1951-58, according to the school lists. His name appears as producer on the sleeve of a 10inch LP recorded at CH in 1959 (and which I still have) of David Swale playing the chapel organ. Could this D P Robinson be the David Robinson at Pembroke College in 1959?
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