First day at CH - 1954

Photos associated with Coleridge house

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First day at CH - 1954

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Start of the Autumn term, 1954.

This must be our first day, with our "nursemaids" who have probably just taught us how to pin our bands.

Nursemaids at the back: Pearl, Ashton, Hawkins
Squits in the front row: Wexler, Liles, Blogg
That's what I wrote on the back of the photo at the time, but now, with an uncertain and fading memory, I doubt one of those names.

Paterson and Brown also joined Col A at the same time, but they were, I think, moving up from the Prep, so they perhaps needed no nursemaid.


For lots more photos from CH in that era, see - but most readers of this forum have probably seen them already.
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Re: First day at CH - 1954

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Hawkins is one I don't remember.
You are right; if you came up from the Prep you were shoved in on your own and for you etc the nursemaids would have been pretty useless- indeed as Trades Mon I don't think I appointed any. In the Prep they were with you for almost a week. You are referring to Ken Brown - he was a year behind me.
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