50th (ish) anniversary of Theatre/DNP

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50th (ish) anniversary of Theatre/DNP

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On Fri Dec 6th a heap of us will join Duncan Noel Paton and guests at the Theatre to celebrate 50 years (and a little bit) since the start of the drama dept. We will watch the Senior School Play (whatever title it may be) and explore some memories and archives. If you were involved with Indians, Faustus, Tempest, Can, Adventures in the Skin Trade, or the theatre in its early days with Ballet Rambert, RSC, Kent Opera etc etc, then please consider joining us. Please share this with Old Blue friends and go to the following Form to give me your details. So far 54 people have signed up, and I hope we can get to 100 maybe celebrating an extraordinary time and place. I intend to reach out to Bill Howell's family/colleagues (designer of the Young Vic and CH Arts Centre) in the hope we can cheer his achievements too. Please sign up, share memories, and spread the word. https://forms.gle/6oQ4kiX6feZqEkLH9

and ps - if you were a theatre person years later then you are of course also most most welcome to join us old folk.
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