Obituary in DT for OB Tim Clark, medical pioneer

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Obituary in DT for OB Tim Clark, medical pioneer

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I have just seen this obit in the DT for an Old Blue of whom I am ashamed to say I had not heard, he pioneered work on steroids for treating asthma, quite appropriate really given the role CH had in developing my and a fair few fellow pupils asthma with its horsehair mattresses, but at least CH had a part (indirectly) in propelling him forward. For some reason, this obituary does not appear to be behind a paywall. ... -obituary/
In 1977 Tim Clark and Simon Godfrey published Asthma. Dubbed “the green book” (after the colour of the cover of the 1983 edition), it became a leading text, studied by nurses, GPs and specialists alike. Later editions included chapters on the genetics of asthma, and on the relationship between the condition and allergies of various kinds.

Timothy John Hayes Clark was born on October 18 1935 and aged 10 gained a scholarship to Christ’s Hospital boarding school at Horsham, West Sussex.

He went on to attend Guy’s Hospital Medical School, and – after stints as a house officer at Guy’s, at Royal Brompton Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital – spent a year as a fellow in medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland.
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