Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh R I P

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh R I P

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A tale from many years ago. Prince Philip "invited" / Summoned Peter Hildrew (Barnes B?) and myself to a reception at Buckingham Palace in May 1960 or 1961.
C M E Seaman stated that we were not allowed to go. Full stop. I have no idea what his beef was but no was the answer.

The gentleman who was to become my foster father 6 months later got a little upset and with all the politicking Peter and I went to London, I think we stayed overnight and attended the reception. The negative outcome was that because of Seaman it was felt that we should not and we did not wear Christ Hospital uniform

Although he couldn't actually use the words I got the feeling that Kit Aitken was firmly on our side and he asked about it afterwards. He certainly got to know our sponsor and when the call came 6 months later remembered him.
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