1980 / 81 / 82 Leavers' Reunion - 5 Mar 22

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1980 / 81 / 82 Leavers' Reunion - 5 Mar 22

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Thanks to Gina and the team for organising the 1980/81/82 leavers' reunion on Saturday. The weather held out just about, certainly enough for Band Parade, lunch was excellent and it was good to see both the improvements made to the theatre (including comfy seats) and how the museum has developed. Even my reluctantly-attending dd was impressed by the band and enjoyed the lunch; she has long found the CH uniform to be highly amusing, and cannot understand our traditions so I'd dragged her along to see them in the flesh as it were.

Walking past the Manual School back to the West Car park where the running track used to be, I noticed the foundry was still there but I couldn't see the forges through the windows of where the metalwork shops used to be. I suspect the foundry is no no longer in use; by my time they had stopped casting iron but we could still cast in aluminium. It's a pity; so much of the fun stuff seems to have been sacrificed to the gods of health and safety; probably a good thing really but so many of what we did that had a hint of risk attached was what made them enjoyable. The Scout Hall seems to be something with rather nice gardens where the patches of grass we used to use to pitch tents once stood, and the Grecians' Club is now called the Hertford Centre. I don't know whether the CH Scout Troop / Venture Unit even exists now though it was still going strong in 2008 when the Scout Leader was the sister of a colleague serving out in Kabul who put me back in touch.

Great to see some old friends and, as it spanned the three years, to meet some new ones too. Owing to the fallout from Covid we were unfortunately unable to visit any of the boarding houses though I am sure that such a visit will be reinstated in the future. When your invite arrives for your own reunion I would strongly advise you to come along if at all possible.
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