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Re: Middleton House Photos

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Mid A 15 wrote:Again, thanks to Julian, the photo below shows Middleton A marching to lunch past the Headmaster's House. CME Seaman can be seen in the background either arriving or departing. I favour arriving.

This was taken in the Michaelmas Term of 1969.

Click on image to enlarge.

Perhaps you should say that this picture shows CME Seaman, which makes it a rarity. Mid A is merely a repoussoir (I believe the term is)!!
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Re: Middleton House Photos

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1939 Mid B Photo - My Dad, Rob Nairne, is in the middle of the front row with glasses and rather miserable demeanour. Died in 2005.
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Re: Middleton House Photos

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My cousin has just been going through a box of photos that our grandfather had. This must be Mid A, but I don’t know the year, my father, WHP Hills, was born in August 1914 and is third from the left, second row down. Although the school uniform is the same, I don’t think you could mistake it for a modern photo!
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Re: Middleton House Photos - Mid B Summer 85 pic

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Just stumbled on this photo and this forum - is 20 years late too late?
I could correct one or two spellings (yeah, guess which of us ended up becoming an English teacher), but I'll hold back. Glenn in the third row is FOX.
And Adam somehow missed me, between Donald A and Rick L on the back row. Hard to miss my red hair, I'd have thought!
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